Veggie Hunt | Kevin James Short Film

How does that even work?
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  1. Fatos Locos

    Fatos Locos

    Kun oldin

    Pleas new Produktion The King of queens

  2. Mr Chipnasty

    Mr Chipnasty

    6 kun oldin

    why did I laugh my ass off when I saw the carrot in the scope

  3. Dominic Mejorada

    Dominic Mejorada

    8 kun oldin

    OMG you killed Rob Schneider! 😱

  4. Goda Gado Cerita

    Goda Gado Cerita

    10 kun oldin


  5. Timothy Wilmetti

    Timothy Wilmetti

    11 kun oldin

    Wow, that air rifle really packs a punch.

  6. Renan Ishin

    Renan Ishin

    13 kun oldin

    Hahahaha awesome

  7. Trevor Mention

    Trevor Mention

    13 kun oldin

    Who is sending this video to all their vegan friends?

  8. The Neon Theater

    The Neon Theater

    15 kun oldin

    The veggie burger tasting good was The most unrealistic part of this video

  9. Just Shorts

    Just Shorts

    15 kun oldin

    was it a short film? or just a clip? short film is too hard for people like u. to make?

  10. West Texas Off Grid Solar Cabin & Prepping

    West Texas Off Grid Solar Cabin & Prepping

    15 kun oldin

    That's the most high powered Gamo pellet rifle I've ever seen.

  11. Ben Perry

    Ben Perry

    15 kun oldin


  12. Richy-J


    19 kun oldin

    kevin james and his brother :O

  13. Calibre Studios

    Calibre Studios

    19 kun oldin

    haha dude. so inspirational. where's my camera?

  14. ATF


    21 kun oldin

    But it's an air rifle...

  15. dan wee

    dan wee

    22 kun oldin

    noooo not carrot top

  16. Ohio Against The World

    Ohio Against The World

    23 kun oldin

    the dude grilling looks like some sort of relation to Kevin heh

  17. Christian Black

    Christian Black

    23 kun oldin


  18. Shortee 808

    Shortee 808

    24 kun oldin

    I love you😂😂💖

  19. John Doe

    John Doe

    24 kun oldin

    Isn’t that his cousin from King of Queens? He didn’t age well

  20. Film Maniac

    Film Maniac

    25 kun oldin

    good decision sir..

  21. canamotion


    25 kun oldin

    Message loud and clear 😁

  22. Dustin Chomeakwich

    Dustin Chomeakwich

    25 kun oldin


  23. Noah Gregory

    Noah Gregory

    25 kun oldin

    The griller is Saul Gundermut from PBMC2

  24. ScipiiTv


    26 kun oldin

    Love it! I grow up with you, Sandler and the gang. This is amazing! Gonna watch them all!

  25. John Fueshko

    John Fueshko

    26 kun oldin

    It sucks that carrots have to be hunted like that but it is the natural order of things. This is why man is Alpha Carotene and the carrot is Beta Carotene.

  26. David T

    David T

    26 kun oldin

    I really like Kevin but these jokes just ain’t landing 😆 Anyone recommend a funny movie wiv him in?

  27. Natetronn


    27 kun oldin

    Somewhere a snowman is without a nose.

  28. Msosbog


    28 kun oldin

    Vegans: I don't eat anything with a face Kevin:

  29. extraextra3000


    28 kun oldin

    No doubt about it those Giant Carrots are unpredictable and vicious at times... Be careful out there hunters. Ya don't want to be caught off guard by those orange bastards.

  30. Father Pucci

    Father Pucci

    Oy oldin

    Kevin James looked like a mini Big Show

  31. Kristoffer Hellström

    Kristoffer Hellström

    Oy oldin

    Love Kevin! Such a funny actor! :)

  32. Michelle Isaacson

    Michelle Isaacson

    Oy oldin

    More vids with Gary plz!!!!! ❤❤

  33. Dimond Wallace

    Dimond Wallace

    Oy oldin

    I just like to remind Vegans that my food poops in theirs.. Always gets a smile.

  34. joe blowme

    joe blowme

    Oy oldin

    Lots of chemicals and dyes kevin....lots of human killing chemicals

  35. ian bruce

    ian bruce

    Oy oldin

    please stop the veggie slaughter people!! just eat meat, Veggie Lives Matter!!

  36. Dabtastic Labs

    Dabtastic Labs

    Oy oldin

    Short films really short. I watched from the menu screen and all I could think was shoot shoot lol 😂

  37. BLACKCURRANT Studios


    Oy oldin

    I'm sorry but this is amazing

  38. Sleep and Relaxation Sounds

    Sleep and Relaxation Sounds

    Oy oldin

    Love KJ.. ..........

  39. quantrill


    Oy oldin

    Is there any movie or clip this guy is in where hes not stuffing his face.

  40. Gabriel Savard

    Gabriel Savard

    Oy oldin

    Carrot Juice Constitutes Murder!

  41. Matthew Nusca

    Matthew Nusca

    Oy oldin

    Kevin can you do a sound guy episode of Tropic Thunder? I think that'd be friggin hilarious hahahaha

  42. Legend Of Pablo

    Legend Of Pablo

    Oy oldin

    After watching Kevin James short videos, I blame myself for thinking he was the problem in the Mall Cop movies.

  43. hi


    Oy oldin


  44. lee gibson

    lee gibson

    Oy oldin

    That carrot wasn't bothering anyone!! Now its carrot brains are blow'd out.

  45. BenjaminDrops


    Oy oldin

    "This is the best burger of my Life" "It's vegan" "You know what, give me the regular one" - classic

  46. Jay & G's Universe

    Jay & G's Universe

    Oy oldin

    Not really unrealistic to believe that American logic would turn something as mundane as veganism into a reason to kill something.

  47. CGNDC


    Oy oldin

    Hunters be like when vegans take over the world

  48. Nancy Pelosi

    Nancy Pelosi

    Oy oldin

    I cant tell if this is mocking vegetarians and vegans or encouraging vegetarianism and veganism

  49. Hide San

    Hide San

    Oy oldin

    Hollywood uses actors, Kevin is using Hollywood.

  50. Goooooodnight


    Oy oldin

    That's the loudest airgun I've ever heard!

  51. Lore Soong

    Lore Soong

    Oy oldin

    I hunt for veggies because it can feed my family for a year. Go Vegan

  52. Wild life Finder

    Wild life Finder

    Oy oldin

    That was fricken awesome 👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏✅

  53. Jason Garza

    Jason Garza

    Oy oldin

    These short films are great!

  54. Gaia


    Oy oldin

    when that is the best burger you ever had, why would you take chicken instead? don't let your fear of vegetables rule over your life!

  55. Saoirse


    Oy oldin

    I just gutted a dozen Turnips I took this morning, before you go complaining, Turnips are invasive here, no season, no limit so it's FINE!

  56. dabear8


    Oy oldin

    As much as I would like to be a vegetarian, I'm still a meatarian,

  57. Ali Junior

    Ali Junior

    Oy oldin

    Can you all peas stop it with these puns

  58. Boimah Sambola

    Boimah Sambola

    Oy oldin

    *You see, this is why I'm Meatatarian..* It's inhumane how these vegans slaughter plants JUST for food. 😥🥕🍔

  59. James Raider

    James Raider

    Oy oldin

    The carrot was dead before it hit the ground

  60. Assad Newar

    Assad Newar

    Oy oldin

    I didnt know till today that danny is actually kevins IRL brother lol.

  61. Max Kilo

    Max Kilo

    Oy oldin

    Hey kevin I like your gamo whisper pellet rifle. For people that dont know anything about guns this is a pellet rifle so it's an air rifle which is not an actually fire arm and cant kill anything bigger than a small coyote and doesnt have the recoil like that

  62. Nyle Khouja

    Nyle Khouja

    Oy oldin

    Me and the boys if me and the boys were vegan XD

  63. SnakeTheJake


    Oy oldin

    Sorry, but I'm a meatarian. Eating vegetables just sickens me. We need to protect carrots.

  64. GJR Films

    GJR Films

    2 oy oldin

    Hey Kevin.. what kind of camera are you using for these videos?

  65. Dave


    2 oy oldin

    Woah, Danny got old.

  66. Michael Wheaton

    Michael Wheaton

    2 oy oldin

    😂🤣. That’s fantastic!

  67. Damiani


    2 oy oldin

    So cool that he still hangs with danny with how much he annoys him.

  68. Sno Win

    Sno Win

    2 oy oldin

    😱 Vegans are going mad right now. It’s dinner been shot!

  69. Bob M

    Bob M

    2 oy oldin


  70. I Am Morado

    I Am Morado

    2 oy oldin

    What software does he use to edit these

  71. Ben Weldon

    Ben Weldon

    2 oy oldin

    Thanks for the videos! Can you make a behind the scene's one? What it's like filming one of these sketches? Also, how much does it cost making a quick video like this?

  72. goldeneddie


    2 oy oldin

    I shot a potato once. Right in the eye.

  73. babarian king

    babarian king

    2 oy oldin

    Need new the king of Queens season not reboot but continuation of the last season. All his kids grown up n stuffs

  74. K9er


    2 oy oldin

    That is a seriously loud pellet gun there.

  75. KoreDragon


    2 oy oldin

    fucking love it! lol

  76. Corban Dallas

    Corban Dallas

    2 oy oldin

    The shot with guy drinking the beer over his shoulder had my dying! Perfect!!!

  77. Jari K L

    Jari K L

    2 oy oldin

    Do you know that God loves ya. His only begotten Son, the Lord Jesus, died for our sins on the cross and rose from the dead on the third day. If we REPENT and believe + trust in Lord Jesus, we can be saved. ❤️ From hell and lake of fire, to everlasting LIFE.

  78. Tevez Carlos

    Tevez Carlos

    2 oy oldin

    Funny ending

  79. Guitar Nerd

    Guitar Nerd

    2 oy oldin

    I agree. Veggie burgers are an abomination.

  80. Mulholland’s Drive

    Mulholland’s Drive

    2 oy oldin

    Kevin James and action Bronson need to do something together.

  81. Dathorak


    2 oy oldin

    I'll pay that! Well done smartarse. :)

  82. SNNNKY


    2 oy oldin

    Hunting is the worst thing ever humans do.

  83. Craig805


    2 oy oldin

    Thanks for the laughs Kevin, I definitely needed it after nearly being lynched by a BLM mob in downtown San Diego this week. Please see my channel or click to see the video here: uztop.info/my/video/e6d3mLJne6engmg

  84. Corvus boreus

    Corvus boreus

    2 oy oldin

    Why did they murder Rob Sneider?

  85. 1eljugo


    2 oy oldin

    Lettuce pray for the poor carrot in this video.

  86. mr.whataday


    2 oy oldin

    Shhhh. I'm hunting cawwots.

  87. Project M41

    Project M41

    2 oy oldin

    I guess hes gonna be a disgusting fat slob his entire life

  88. Kelly Coleman

    Kelly Coleman

    2 oy oldin

    How it really works is, they put meat grease in with the TVP. So it is has real meat flavor. No joke.

  89. Jandro's World

    Jandro's World

    2 oy oldin

    its funny cause thats a .177 crossman rifle from walmart doesnt make that sound at all...Love all ur videos Kevin!

  90. Reema


    2 oy oldin


  91. VocalTranceUK


    2 oy oldin

    Your imagination has no bounds Kevin - I love it 🤣

  92. XChapp


    2 oy oldin

    I'm vegan and I found this pretty funny

  93. mc lovin

    mc lovin

    2 oy oldin

    😂😂what the hell

  94. The Motorhome Experiment

    The Motorhome Experiment

    2 oy oldin

    As a vegetarian I found this video to be horrifying! I didn't realize the terror that vegetables had to endure just to put food in my stomach. I picture those poor baby carrots growing up without a parent. I'll be switching back to meat, as well. 😀

  95. Chance Wilson

    Chance Wilson

    2 oy oldin

    Owen bemjamin did a similar bit a couple years ago. Time traveling is awesome.

  96. DavidSixSixFive


    2 oy oldin

    The guy drinking a beer as KJ was sighting down that carrot. 8)

  97. Rob B

    Rob B

    2 oy oldin

    Ok, I'm following Kevin James now. That was classic.

  98. LMAO0O0O0


    2 oy oldin

    I'm sure the chemicals in it to make it taste like meat is great for you too...

  99. Bill P

    Bill P

    2 oy oldin

    Lol too funny

  100. anotherveterancat


    2 oy oldin

    noo i was liking your videos till I saw this, I'm vegetarian, you just lost my respect