Nature Planet | Narrated by Adam Sandler

Sir Adam Sandler narrates Nature Planet. An epic look into the endangered species, The Silver-Breasted Montle, as they battle back from the brink of extinction
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  1. What’s Cookin

    What’s Cookin

    17 soat oldin

    That was disturbing, yet kind of funny. Keep up the great videos.

  2. Joshua Sims

    Joshua Sims

    2 kun oldin

    3:31 When he said MmrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRR, I felt that.

  3. GuyMcFly Gaming

    GuyMcFly Gaming

    2 kun oldin

    The kevins shall reign over us all

  4. Ted Reynolds

    Ted Reynolds

    2 kun oldin

    I’ve never seen one, but my brother claims he did. Eagles are hard to spot.

  5. I'm right you're wrong

    I'm right you're wrong

    5 kun oldin

    Really though? Some species we can do with-out.



    7 kun oldin

    I Love this Channel❤️😆😆👋👏👏👏👏

  7. Angela C

    Angela C

    8 kun oldin

    I am crying laughing!

  8. ChuRa


    9 kun oldin

    To think an army of Kevin James took down the Empire on the forest moon of Endor

  9. Hohenheim Productions

    Hohenheim Productions

    9 kun oldin

    The 1,000+ people who thumbs downed this are really just saying, "I'm sad the herd of Kevin's died. Ruthless birds."

  10. Rappers Digest

    Rappers Digest

    9 kun oldin

    New fan 🍿

  11. Ozvamp Ozvamp

    Ozvamp Ozvamp

    9 kun oldin

    Its Kevin James why wouldn't it be the best

  12. El Viperrr

    El Viperrr

    10 kun oldin

    Man I wish he could show me all his editing skills he’s a boss on this 😭🔥

  13. Bob Schoepen jr

    Bob Schoepen jr

    10 kun oldin

    The voice of David Attenbridge makes it so much more dramatic

  14. Bobcat Josh

    Bobcat Josh

    11 kun oldin

    What the hell did I just watch? 😂

  15. Farida Mohamed

    Farida Mohamed

    11 kun oldin

    Adam Sandler cut himself a niche market that’s so underrated. I watched grownups again (all grown up) I laughed so hard 🤣

  16. WearyCowboy


    11 kun oldin

    Imagine being REALLY high & watching this...especially the birth part & the baby Doug!??

  17. Lg Marquez

    Lg Marquez

    11 kun oldin

    Wtf is this video?😂🤣🤣...I love it tho❤️

  18. Swiss YT

    Swiss YT

    12 kun oldin

    Oh this is when in Brooklyn nine nine when he narrate THE MAJESTIC SLOTH

  19. donnarenee71


    12 kun oldin

    LOL!! This totally made my lunch hour. I love it!

  20. C Bank

    C Bank

    12 kun oldin

    This isn't very funny

  21. P-mtc


    12 kun oldin

    Sequel please!

  22. Elias Treminio

    Elias Treminio

    13 kun oldin

    Where do i get my 5:22 return? Lol. Loved it though

  23. smf6824


    13 kun oldin

    ........... did I just comment?

  24. Shane Ballard

    Shane Ballard

    14 kun oldin

    Is this the origins how chuck and larry met?

  25. Yosan Anggara

    Yosan Anggara

    14 kun oldin

    What a fascinating creatures

  26. Marcelo Quintas

    Marcelo Quintas

    14 kun oldin

    Hahahahahaha... the same as netflix series

  27. Nick Sherrow

    Nick Sherrow

    14 kun oldin

    This is the kind of content I watch at 3:00 am

  28. Eric Gonzalez

    Eric Gonzalez

    15 kun oldin


  29. No Lacking100

    No Lacking100

    15 kun oldin

    Lolll😂😂😂 this was so go

  30. zoraida rodriguez

    zoraida rodriguez

    15 kun oldin

    LMAO this is genius...😂😂😂 Bravo 👏👏👏

  31. Drakophen


    15 kun oldin


  32. Forensic Evolution

    Forensic Evolution

    16 kun oldin

    3:56 :DDD

  33. m4ri00sh


    16 kun oldin

    speechless here :)

  34. R. K.

    R. K.

    16 kun oldin

    The new Ewok CGI looks awesome!

  35. Quarantine Rabbit

    Quarantine Rabbit

    16 kun oldin

    😂 Kevin James is a modern day Peter Sellers! Genius acting, genius characters, genius PERIOD. You are my new hero @KevinJames!!!

  36. Ademir Alijagic - Happy Life Challenge

    Ademir Alijagic - Happy Life Challenge

    16 kun oldin


  37. Nathan E

    Nathan E

    16 kun oldin

    1:48 *T H E B I G B I R D*

  38. Santiago Rojas Piaggio

    Santiago Rojas Piaggio

    17 kun oldin

    Wait! This wasn't real?

  39. trilete


    17 kun oldin

    Oscar winning performances!

  40. Kyle Hall woodworker

    Kyle Hall woodworker

    17 kun oldin


  41. Subaided Warder

    Subaided Warder

    17 kun oldin

    Unimaginative and not funny. This would make a great Adam Sandler movie

  42. Mint Berry

    Mint Berry

    17 kun oldin

    This is my least favorite scene in Star Wars... ok second least favorite scene... behind every scene jar jar is in.

  43. Jay Patterson

    Jay Patterson

    17 kun oldin

    what did I just watch..

  44. Demetri Rivers

    Demetri Rivers

    17 kun oldin

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 I can't fucking believe this guy.

  45. Evan Anthony

    Evan Anthony

    18 kun oldin

    It's been too long since I've seen something like this. Too epic.

  46. Zhane is pain

    Zhane is pain

    18 kun oldin

    Seems legit

  47. Robert -Cop-

    Robert -Cop-

    18 kun oldin


  48. Patrícia Luís

    Patrícia Luís

    18 kun oldin

    Thank you!! Love it!! ❤️

  49. N CROSS


    18 kun oldin

    "Deep in the Tenana Forest...."

  50. greagen


    18 kun oldin


  51. Dennis Tandoc

    Dennis Tandoc

    18 kun oldin

    What!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 this is so nice!!!! 👍👍👍 i love Adam Sandler!!! And Kevin James is the Best...

  52. Richard the engineer

    Richard the engineer

    18 kun oldin

    And this is why you don't point a camera at an animal in a nature doc

  53. thohan99


    18 kun oldin

    Sandler is so ridiculous he can barely contain it. He's basically a 7 year old posing as a multimillionaire. Or is it the other way around?

  54. Jose Markes

    Jose Markes

    18 kun oldin

    I want to see the whole story 😂 interested

  55. Matt's Horsemanship

    Matt's Horsemanship

    18 kun oldin

    Lol I thought the bird was going to grab the baby next lol

  56. exxpxsedd


    18 kun oldin

    whats the original video of that?

  57. Alex Love !

    Alex Love !

    19 kun oldin

    I'm dying!

  58. Rick and Averi Buck

    Rick and Averi Buck

    19 kun oldin

    If you like Adam Sandler and Kevin James you are the best like if agree

  59. yoyo le biker

    yoyo le biker

    19 kun oldin

    sa femme est vraiment avec lui pour l'argent lol

  60. Aerotallica


    19 kun oldin

    This guy should act in movies

  61. Danne


    19 kun oldin

    That might have been the most beutiful/disgusting thing I have ever seen .

  62. Richy-J


    19 kun oldin

    somebody has been watching uk documentrys with david attenborugh ;)

  63. tutubeos


    19 kun oldin


  64. Joshua Peters

    Joshua Peters

    19 kun oldin

    I’m not crying, PETA is tho 🥺🥺🥺

  65. William Grant

    William Grant

    19 kun oldin

    Whens Mall Cop 3

  66. William Grant

    William Grant

    19 kun oldin

    Shepherdschapel com Theseason org explained the whole Bible God bless

  67. Aerik Bravo

    Aerik Bravo

    19 kun oldin

    Please turn this into a movie

  68. Rafputin


    19 kun oldin

    Adam Sandler sounds like an old british gentleman NARRATOR

  69. Sesame Seed

    Sesame Seed

    19 kun oldin

    Sir Adam Sandler

  70. Marianna Logsdon

    Marianna Logsdon

    20 kun oldin

    I always cry 😢 when watching these animal shows❤️🐸Love from Pennsylvania

  71. knortimor


    20 kun oldin

    the best documentary I've seen till this day..

  72. jon solo

    jon solo

    20 kun oldin

    Ooooooohhhhhh wow. That was ten thousand times ten thousand times better than Lion King and Jungle Book combined

  73. adiC tuS

    adiC tuS

    20 kun oldin


  74. Illiterate Barbosa

    Illiterate Barbosa

    20 kun oldin

    What the hell Doug Heffernan?

  75. SayNoThanks


    20 kun oldin

    1:00 Kevin JAmeSMR

  76. dorsal 2008

    dorsal 2008

    20 kun oldin

    This is what you can do when you're best friends and rich.

  77. JMays024


    20 kun oldin

    The Fuq did I just watch...LOL

  78. Keith Phelps

    Keith Phelps

    20 kun oldin

    I will never be the same

  79. The Crazy Gamer

    The Crazy Gamer

    20 kun oldin

    Adam Sandler: Life, finds a way. Me: Nice Jurassic Park reference 🤣🤣

  80. Sprits Carr

    Sprits Carr

    20 kun oldin

    Adam Sandler may be the best narrator ever 😂😂

  81. Kristina Meyers

    Kristina Meyers

    20 kun oldin

    So. Many. Questions.



    20 kun oldin

    That’s a furry..

  83. max samieff

    max samieff

    21 kun oldin

    Sir Adam Sandler.

  84. AlarSenpu


    21 kun oldin

    Am i the only who wishes to be a camera in one of these nature documentary videos? Like I know its weird especially with how he licked the camera, but those are some rare scenes to see in the world and it will be hella epic to see it with my own eyes....

  85. Peanut


    21 kun oldin

    Who knew the last thing I needed to see today, was Kevin James giving birth to another Kevin James?

  86. Arnell Long

    Arnell Long

    21 kun oldin

    The atmospheric music and sound ques are just like BBC Earth...they totally nailed the vibe.👌

  87. Lex Tuomr

    Lex Tuomr

    21 kun oldin

    Kevin James and Adam Sandler together is always Gold! All movies and few episodes also and god knows what else... 😁 This is new. And im just 😂😂

    • Lex Tuomr

      Lex Tuomr

      21 kun oldin

      Havent laughed like this for a while and sober.. 😂

  88. Lex Tuomr

    Lex Tuomr

    21 kun oldin

    😂 SIR Adam Sandler sounds goooooood. 👍

  89. I am Eye_con

    I am Eye_con

    21 kun oldin

    Was Adam sandler imitating David Attenborough 😂😂

  90. A Jo

    A Jo

    21 kun oldin

    Kevin, if you ever start to listen a voice in your head saying: "Maybe people won't like this if we do a couple of iterations of this skit...." - Please don't 🤣🙌

  91. eirdofkoda


    21 kun oldin

    This is the best channel on UZtop right now.

  92. Mastadon King

    Mastadon King

    22 kun oldin

    The sound of despair in such creatures sounds like a man whose burger was stolen.

  93. drago 78

    drago 78

    22 kun oldin

    The only thing as genuine as all of Kevin's videos and the spirit he puts behind them are the comments and the genuine appreciation they all express. In the worst of times for all of us you've managed to put a smile on alot of faces and the only reason to do so was because we all needed a smile. Faith in humanity restored kevin.. thx

  94. Jonathan


    22 kun oldin

    LOL I love the water sounds

  95. Jonathan


    22 kun oldin

    This is way better than SNL will ever be

  96. The One and 0nly

    The One and 0nly

    22 kun oldin

    Can anyone describe what the goodfellas video was ? What scene ? What did he do ? Since we can’t watch it at least I can fantasize about it

  97. Stefan Weilhartner

    Stefan Weilhartner

    22 kun oldin

    it is fascinating what a couple of 6-packs with strong, fruity, hoppy craft beers can do :-)

  98. Julielde Gregório

    Julielde Gregório

    22 kun oldin


  99. RackAttackGamer


    22 kun oldin

    What happened to the Joe Pesci thing????

    • RackAttackGamer


      21 kun oldin

      @The One and 0nly Sure thing... and, for whatever reason, it's back up. Now you can see it for yourself.

    • The One and 0nly

      The One and 0nly

      22 kun oldin

      @RackAttackGamer thank you !!

    • The One and 0nly

      The One and 0nly

      22 kun oldin

      @RackAttackGamer Damm I wish someone would have recorded it. That sounds pretty good. Specially with the production level that Kevin is known for. Dam shame

    • RackAttackGamer


      22 kun oldin

      @The One and 0nly Yeah, it was pretty good. It was the scene that you usually see in memes with them all around the table laughing, etc. The one with the kid who talks to Pesci, then mouths off to him, then gets shot. Only the kid wasn't in it, Kevin was in his place and both Pesci AND Kevin were shooting at one another (maybe why it got pulled). But you couldn't see anyone shot. It was tame enough in my opinion. But this is YT, and they have PC-itis.

    • The One and 0nly

      The One and 0nly

      22 kun oldin

      Was it funny can you describe what scene it was ?

  100. Dee Dee

    Dee Dee

    22 kun oldin

    This channel has made 2020 not totally lost 😂